In my journey towards becoming a sacred woman, it was imperative that I’d learn about sacred time and clocks. We have 24 hours in a day and within those hours we are given the opportunity to make our day productive, bright, and wholesome. We oftentimes miss these opportunities when we don’t get enough sleep, waking up disoriented and exhausted, and going throughout our day with the notion that it can only get worse. My absolute favorite feeling in the world is waking up feeling revitalized and welcoming my morning with beautiful energy. There are a couple of key tips that I’d love to share so that we all have accessibility to these healthy routines and habits. First things first and that is beauty sleep. So often, we underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep! Our in bed, end-of-day relaxation should be a sacred time, a time to let go of our day and recharge our batteries. Understanding circadian rhythm, our internal body clock, is vital in balancing our sleeping habits and being able to operate from a place of high energy throughout our day. If you’re one of the many who struggle to fall asleep, you are not alone. I struggled with bedtimes and early mornings for years, making me miserable and tired throughout a large duration of my day. However, once I learned about meditation, that all changed very quickly. 

Meditation is the act of focusing our mind towards the pattern of our breath, opening us up to higher voices of wisdom, higher states of consciousness and deep, deep relaxation. People often times struggle with meditation because of the belief that there is a specific way to do it and that since it (can be) difficult, then they must not be doing it correctly. A large misconception. There are no rules to meditation. We forget that the air around us is free and accessible to us at all times! Let us take a minimum of five minutes just to focus on the pattern of our breathing and see what our minds open up to. Intention is probably the most powerful tool we have. Our words are spells! When we speak, we hold the option to speak words that heal, words that empower, words that build, and words that remind ourselves and others of love. My tip would to be to set your intentions twice, once in meditation before you go to bed and once more in the morning to solidify and ensure that your intention is carried out and manifested. A prevalent intention of mine is to be able to wake up feeling alive and ready to start my day with love and productivity. It almost always works. Some other examples of powerful intentions can include: “Today, I want to laugh and feel good”. “Today, I want to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds me and indwells”. “Today, I want to get all my work done with the highest of quality”. So let’s talk about mornings. Sometimes they feel automatic, scrambled or just dreadful. Even brushing our teeth can feel like a task. If you’re open to trying, when you wake up, take about five deep breaths before getting out of bed and see how you feel. When you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth or shower, give thanks to the warm, clean water that is accessible to you. Water is the most powerful purificant, carrying the ability to clean, revitalize and bring us back to life. It becomes so easy for us to forget these things, so next time you brush your teeth, take a shower or even flush a toilet, give thanks to the water you have available.

Movement of the body! This is a part of our mornings that we oftentimes don’t allocate any time towards. It’s important to know that within us all is a body full of energy, and should be regularly attended to. If you’ve ever noticed, whenever we are feeling down, and we move our body through dance, working out or stretching, that energy moves elsewhere and essentially dissipates. This is how our mind communicates with our body. Yoga, one of my favorite forms of movement, is a sacred practice that encompasses communication between the mind and body through breath, stretching and poses. Whether it is a full workout or a simple five-minute stretch, try to get your body moving and see how much more energized you are throughout your day.   Lastly but not least, my favorite morning ritual, affirmation reading! Affirmations are truly the gateway to manifestation. Whether you write them, speak them, find them online and have them on your phone, it all works. Affirmations are meant to bring you closer to the truth of your divinity and highest self. Learning how to work with affirmations, including them in prayer and meditation is one of the first steps towards connecting yourself closer to the direction your spiritual journey is taking you. You’re probably wondering, where do I even start? I would start by choosing a time in your day to sit down with a pen and notebook, set an intention to write powerful sentences that connect to what you want to feel and manifest into your space and heart. Start with the words “I am”, use present tense, and offer love andgratitude to what these affirmations will do for you and your mind. It’s important to note that all these tips are accessible and just as powerful during the night too. However, starting your day with these routines, that then become rituals will help create cultivate a stronger sense of self love and organization. Below I have offered some of my morning affirmations:

I greet my morning with openness, gratitude and love.

I am awake, conscious and thankful for the beauty that surrounds me.

My time is sacred and I will use it wisely.

I affirm that beauty and intellect is my divine inheritance.

I offer my sweetness to everyone around me.

I protect my energy with love and grace.

I am open to all that life will teach me today.

I am no more or no less than anyone I encounter today.

I am open, receptive and thankful for all the blessings I have arriving my way.

My mind is organized, decluttered and peaceful.

I detoxify my mind from judgement towards myself and others.

Today, I align myself with productivity and mindfulness.

My third eye is my vision of truth, clarity and higher awareness.

I cleanse and purify my space with deep breathing and harmonious thoughts.

I trust in divine order and timing.

I am patient and wise. 

I am protected, watched and guided through it all.

I align myself with discipline and focus.

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